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Betting On Price Movements

The thing that I really love about binary option trading is that it is a simple bet one way or the other. I understand that there are more conservative strategies that are probably more effective over the long term if I want to make money investing. I know without a doubt, there are safer ways to invest my money than by betting on which way the price is going to move on my favorite commodity, gold.


I don’t care, I like trading options. I like to bet on the price of gold going up and down and I don’t want to sell paper shares back and forth from a site like I also don’t want to pay the premiums for the physical metals that you will be charged for from places like Apmex or a local coin shops. Binary options give me a great opportunity to quickly trade in and out. I use the word ‘trade’ loosely, the real word I should be using is ‘bet’. I bet on whether the price is going up or down.

Here are the four reasons I like to bet on binary options.

Easy to bet binaries – It will take you minutes to get an account set up and funded assuming you do so with a credit card. Credit cards are probably the safest way to make a deposit at a broker, and they are certainly the fastest. If you are depositing a large sum of money, you can also use a bank wire. Once your account is set up and funded you are free to start trading. I put together a tutorial where you can learn how to trade binary options, check it out here. It is also easy to place trades that I am comfortable with. I know exactly how much I am risking and exactly how much I can win. I know up front before hitting the ‘buy’ button my risk and return. I also know that I am not going to get burned by leverage and end up losing my shirt. I like the limited risk, limited reward aspect of the trade. Finally, it is easy to place bets because all I have to decide is a ‘yes/no’ question. IE, Up or Down.

All size investments welcome – I personally like this because I only want to invest around $500 at any given time. I like to make smaller trades and I enjoy the rush of winning. I like that even with a relatively small investment size I can trade alongside the guys who have deposited thousands. The minimum deposit at our top brokers is at TradeRush and it is only $200 USD. They also have trade sizes that start as low as $5 to $10 USD. For you high rollers they offer options with thousands of dollars per trade.

Returns are Large and Fast – I understand that the house has the edge against me, but the velocity of returns and the amount you can make quickly make it a worth while gamble for me. I can get 75%+ return on my investment in an hour. I know it’s risky but I like that proposition.

Options are Exciting and Entertaining – It is flat out fun trading binary options. It is. It reminds me of playing poker or blackjack. It has elements of skill and luck and you can win a lot of cash in a flash. If you have been around the site for long you know that we strongly advise you never to invest more than you can afford to lose with any binary option broker. Treat it as entertainment and you will enjoy it a lot more.

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