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4 Ideas for Developing Trading Discipline

You have heard me say a number of times how important it is for you to develop self-discipline. It is part of the trading mindset, and without it, no matter what great tools are at your disposal, there is no way you will be successful, at least not for very long. Discipline helps you to develop and apply trading rules. How do you develop discipline though? Where does it come from?

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One of the biggest misconceptions that people have, especially about themselves, is the idea that discipline is ingrained from the start. On the contrary, nobody is born with self-discipline. It is a learned trait. So if you do not have much, that is no reason to give up on trading. All it means is that you have to take the time to develop it!


Here are some ideas for cultivating this elusive and important skill

Discipline does not come out of nowhere, and ironically it takes discipline to build discipline. But that just means that once you start getting through the tough part at the beginning, you will become better and better at doing it!

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