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There comes a point in a trader’s career where the fine aspects of all they have learned from their beginner days of trading no longer applies for a profitable trading strategy. Binary options trading and investments are an evolving industry that requires traders to be on their toes to adapt to the changing market conditions. A trader cannot be content with their existing trading styles to enjoy continued profits, which is why at Binary Trading Academy we have devised a unique and all-encompassing learning course for intermediate traders.

Our Binary Options course for intermediate traders has more advanced trading concepts and strategies that will help a trader to transition from a beginner to the expert trader category. A fair majority of novice traders fail to accumulate the necessary education and the market exposure to create a difference in their trading. It is seen time and again that a large percentage of binary options traders quit their trading careers, mainly due to the lack of expert assistance and quality guidance. We aim to eliminate the problems faced by beginner and intermediate traders by offering the most comprehensive binary options tutorial for intermediate traders.

Intermediate Level Table Of Contents:

Learning To Set Up Your WorkStation Like A Professional

Once traders transition from the beginner phase to the more advanced phase of their trading careers, traders will notice that they may need to make some extensive changes to their trading environment to create a more professional setting. During your intermediate phase in your trading career, it is not essential for you to invest a large sum of money in trading platforms or infrastructure, but you should be open to the thought of widening your trading horizon. Professional traders are successful due to a number of reasons, but the primary reason why professional traders seem to succeed more than any other traders is due to the fact that they have access to all information they need at their fingertips. Having comprehensive market access helps in cutting down time wasted for accessing multiple resources, and can help in concentrating more on the task at hand.

Setting up a trading environment is not all about upgrading your trading system or investing in accessories, but it also involves the different ways by which traders can set up their charts, choose charting types, add technical/fundamental analysis tools to charts, and customising the trading interface in any way. Some of the concepts outlined in these binary options training session are also useful for beginner traders, especially if they plan on reducing the time required to get thoroughly familiar with the binary options trading industry.

Improving Consistency In Binary Trading With Progressive Technical Analysis

Beginner traders are exposed to tons of trading strategies and technical analysis tools from different sources. There are thousands of online articles and resources that are dedicated to different types of technical analysis tools and concepts. It is natural for beginners to be overwhelmed in their search for the Holy Grail in trading that promises to raise them to the professional trader status in no time. A majority of beginners are also in search for the most profitable trading strategy that will help them to achieve instant riches to live a stress-free lifestyle.

In reality, traders shouldn’t try to adopt every technical analysis or trading strategy that they come across on the market. It may be natural for beginners to experiment with tons of different analytical tools, but as an intermediate trader, you should be reserved in your trading approach. Instead of searching for the Holy Grail trading system, take your time to browse through different strategies and analysis tools to choose a few that you feel suits your trading personality. As we previously mentioned, there are thousands of technical analysis tools available in the market, but you don’t have to choose every single one of them to make consistent profits.

In fact, it may be counterintuitive to use multiple technical analysis tools in a single chart, as it will easily confuse even the most seasoned professional. Expert traders rarely use more than a couple of indicators and charting tools to evaluate the markets, and as an intermediate trader, you should cultivate the same habit, if you are committed to developing your trading career. Our binary options learning academy contains a comprehensive list of the most widely adopted and popular technical analysis tools available in the market, but we point out the pros and cons of each system to help you make an informed choice.

Managing Your Binary Options Trades & Experimenting With Different Options

It is easy for beginner traders to get caught up with the countless assets, options, and expiry times that are available in binary options trading. However, novice traders may not be able to take full advantage of these options, as they lack the necessary skills to profit from these multiple options. This is where an intermediate trader, who has a bit of formal experience in the markets, can use all the available tools in the binary options market to his/her advantage.

Managing binary options trades involve the process of entering and exiting trades as per a fixed or flexible trading strategy. Although some brokers don’t offer all the tools to create a diversified trading strategy, some of the leading binary options trading companies offer numerous ways by which traders are given full freedom to customise their trading experience. Therefore, it is imperative for intermediate and even beginner traders to create a profitable trading strategy by experimenting with the available binary options products, and by choosing a flexible trading system that can be used for a consistently profitable trading future.

Although it is a good approach to experiment with the different binary options products, never commit the mistake of overdoing your experimentation. Take your trading to the next level by implementing some of the more advanced binary options tutorials offered in our academy, and each section is guaranteed to bring you one step closer to being a professional trader.

Analyzing The Influence Of News & Fundamental Factors In Trading

Fundamental factors play a significant role in binary options trading, particularly due to the fast-paced nature of the financial markets. Unlike traditional forms of investing, binary options trades are over within seconds or minutes. Therefore, even the slightest change in fundamental factors can make a significant difference to the outcome of a trade.

As a trader with some form of experience in the binary options market, you might be aware of the massive spikes and dips in the market that may arise due to news events and major economic releases. These fundamental factors have a high relevance in binary options trading, and some traders use these events to a great advantage to enjoy massive profits. Traditional stock and FX traders also use binary options products to hedge their investments against economic events and are proven to mitigate risks against unforeseen market volatilities.

News trading is a risky proposition, and it takes the most experienced and skilled trader to succeed in binary options trading from fundamental factors alone. If you wish to take advantage of market movements that are induced by market or global events, you should certainly take a look at some of our fundamental binary options training materials to help you prepare for fundamental and news trading.

Expert Money Management Tips For Intermediate Traders

Money management is an important concept in the financial markets and is even more important in binary options trading. Money management plays a key role in deciding the trading outcome of investors of all categories, despite their beginner, intermediate, and professional roots. Nevertheless, intermediate traders can benefit from some of the more advanced money management tips used by professional traders, in a bid to push their trading strategies for consistently profitable trading. The Binary Trading Academy offers a vast set of trading tutorials that concentrate on the different aspects of money management, controlling risk, and reducing the capital outflow. Preserving the trading capital is indeed the only way by which traders can ensure guaranteed returns in the binary options markets, despite the volatility.

Who Benefits From Our Intermediate Binary Options Training Program?

Our intermediate learning program is more suitable for traders that have some kind of experience in the markets and regular intermediate investors, but it may also cover some key aspects of trading binary options for expert traders. Binary options education alone is not guaranteed to make an investor profitable in his trading ventures, but it also requires the trader to be honest about their trading prospects. Some intermediate traders may consider themselves as professional traders, even if they are unable to achieve consistent profits. Professional and expert traders are those that have mastered the markets to enjoy consistent revenues from all market conditions.

On the other hand, if you have been on the receiving end of the binary options markets, or if you are finding it difficult to make profits consistently, you should take a moment to refer to all the learning concepts and strategies outlined in our Binary Trading Academy for intermediate traders. Taking a moment to reflect on your trading career can definitely do wonder, and you will thank us for making a difference to your bottom line. Professional traders can also browse through our academy section for beginners and intermediates to refresh their trading memory and to brush up on some trading concepts that they may have long forgotten.

Our innovative binary options training academy is an excellent source for all matters concerning the binary options market. However, if you feel that you need any additional tutorials or informational articles on any core aspects of trading, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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