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Behind the New Alliance: Funding Pips and TradeLocker

Funding Pips has entered into a major partnership with TradeLocker Trading Platform. This significant collaboration reflects Funding Pips’ commitment to elevate their community’s trading experience.

Behind the New Alliance: Funding Pips and TradeLocker

Innovative Trading Features 

Funding Pips is excited to announce the integration with TradeLocker, a trading platform that is designed to amplify efficiency, accessibility, and accuracy in trading. Unique benefits include:

On-Chart Trading Functionality: A smart feature that simplifies exact trade execution directly from the price charts.

Floating Order Panel: Enhances the way traders place trades, offering increased flexibility and control, which are essential for trading success and strategic implementation.

MicroLot Trading Capabilities: An inclusive feature that allows traders of all risk tolerances and capital bases to confidently engage in the market.

With Funding Pips, traders now have access to the progressive features that the TradeLocker Platform has to offer. By facilitating precision, accuracy, and stability in the unpredictable world of financial trading, Funding Pips reinforces its status as a leader in the industry.

About Funding Pips

Funding Pips has consistently led the way in forex trading by establishing notable industry standards:

• Maximum Drawdown Scaling up to 14%

• Maximum Daily Drawdown Scaling up to 7%

• First Payout After 5 Days

• 5 Calendar Day Payout Cycle

• Profit Share of 80% up to 90%

• Overnight & Weekend Holding Permitted

TradeLocker Features

TradeLocker is a pioneering platform for both individual traders and brokerage firms. It provides tools designed to empower traders at every skill level. Essential features include:

• Smooth integration with TradingView

• Interchangeability between mobile and desktop without the need for downloads

• One-click trading

• Swift trade completion

• Micro-lot trading

• Availability as a browser and mobile application

• Advanced risk management options

• Access to over 500 tradable assets

The TradeLocker Influence in the Trading Industry

TradeLocker is a transformational platform for individual traders, prop firms, and brokers. Key advantages include compatibility with TradingView, easy portability between mobile and desktop, one-click trading, swift trade execution, micro-lot trading, and access to over 500 tradable assets.

TradeLocker’s Expanding Impact on Prop Firms: 

In the wake of MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5’s exit from the market, the impact of TradeLocker on the prop trading industry is on the rise. Some of the prop firms that use TradeLocker include:


• Funding Traders


• Traddoo

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