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TradeLocker Review

TradeLocker offers lightning-fast trading with a sleek interface powered by TradingView. With advanced features to enhance your trading and reduce dependence on third-party platforms, TradeLocker app gives you a competitive edge. 


Riverna Ltd, Dundrum Business Park, D14 N2F6, Ireland

Who is it For? 

TradeLocker was created to unlock potential, whether for traders that want to use technology as an advantage or brokers looking to bring the best tools to traders of all levels. 

How Many Users Does the Platform Have? 

100k and growing. 

Top Brokers Using TradeLocker

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Need help getting started? Watch the tutorial video below.

What do I get with TradeLocker

Other Features

Key Features of TradeLocker

KYC and Access

Users must access TradeLocker through a broker or prop firm, and TradeLocker does not require a KYC process. Apply for early access.

How To Start?

TradeLocker Login

Mobile trading on TradeLocker

TradeLocker for Android smartphones is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Enjoy trading on the go, anytime and anywhere, using the TradeLocker web version. By using this app you will have access to general data. If you require further information that you can’t find on their site or app on regulations,  you should seek the advice of a lawyer, your broker, or a licensed financial institution before you start trading.


Technology support / bug report available during trade hours Every work day from 12pm – 9pm EST. They answer in 48 hours.  For any trade-related support, reach out to your broker/prop firm.

TradeLocker Community

The TradeLocker Community is very developed. They have a huge support on: Youtube channel, Discord and Reddit. They estimate that the number of users is over 100,000.


  • Charting: Integrated with TradingView, TradeLocker provides hundreds of customizable charts, and custom indicators to help you make quick, accurate market decisions.
  • In App Trading: No downloads required to start trading. Experience improved risk management and order functionality all from one place.
  • One Click Trading: Streamline your trading and open positions quicker with one-click trading.
  • Optimized for all Devices: Experience full-screen trading as well as a 100% mobile-friendly design allowing you trade anytime, anywhere.
  • Deep Liquidity: Access better, real-time pricing across over 500 tradable assets, to help you build and maintain a better portfolio.
  • Trade Micro Lots: Trade a minimum lot size of 0.01 allowing you spread the risks involved in high-volume trading.


  • TradeLocker doesn’t allow the use of EAs or any other bots, so if you migrate your account, you won’t be able to use any bots you’re currently using on MetaTrader.
  • Compared to MT4, Tradelocker has a smaller range of technical indicators.


With seamless integration with TradingView, one-click trading, risk management features, and a web-based platform, TradeLocker has everything you need to thrive in online trading.


How to switch between Live and Demo account?

Go to the profile settings in the top right corner and find the Switch to Live or Switch to Demo button. No need to log out, just use one click switch.

What is the difference between the demo and live account?

Demo (practice) trading account is free and there is no risk involved, you can use it in addition to the live (real-money) trading account.

How to know if the market is open or closed?

Log into your TradeLocker account and move your cursor over the instrument pair list on the right. Find the pair via the drop-down menu or the search bar. If the color of that pair/instrument is gray, it means that the market is closed at that time.

What is the bid price and the ask price?

The bid price is the highest price the buyers are willing to buy. It’s relevant for traders who are looking to sell.
The ask price is the lowest price the sellers are willing to sell. For buyers, the ask price tells them the price at which they can immediately buy.

What instruments are available to trade on TradeLocker?

Forex Pairs (267), Forex Equity CFDs (6), Indices Forex (6)
Equity CFDs: Energy (9), Indices (43), Metals (20)
Shares EU (10), Shares USA (28), Crypto CFDs (48)

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