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Funds For Traders Name Review

Funds for Traders is established in 2024 as a prop firm. It’s registered in the Netherlands, and the owners are Joek Broos and Joran Van Lakwijk.

Funds For Traders Name Review

Trading Platforms at Funds For Traders

Currently, there are two trading platforms you can choose from: DXtrade & Eightcap.

Range of Instruments by Funds For Traders

The trading instruments that Fund For Traders offers are:

Payment Methods at Funds For Traders

You can use two payment methods at Funds for Traders: Cryptocurrency & Credit Cards.

Available Account Sizes at Funds For Traders

Funds for Traders account sizes vary from $500 to $200k. There are nine account sizes you can choose from.

Funds for Traders Customer Support

Funds for Traders Customer support is available via:

Profit Split Structure at Funds For Traders

The profit split at Funds for Traders is different for each payout. With the first payout, the profit split is 80%. With the second payout, the profit split rises to 85%. With every next payout, the profit split is 90%.

Targeting Profits with Funds For Traders

Profit targets are different for each challenge and step. For the 1-step challenge, you’ll need to reach a profit target of 10%. The 2-Step challenge has a 8% profit target in the first step, and 5% in the second. The 3-step challenge requires an 8% profit target in the first step. The remaining two have a 5% profit target you need to reach.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Funds For Traders

The one-step challenge has a maximum of 4% of daily loss and a maximum of 6% for overall loss. The two and three-step challenges have a 5% maximum daily loss and 10% overall loss.

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Funds For Traders

Only the 1-step challenge has a minimum number of trading days, and that’s 5. All other challenges don’t have any limitations regarding the trading days.

Funds For Traders Challenges

You can choose from three types of challenges at Funds for Traders. 1-step and 2-step challenges for the more experienced traders. The 3-step challenge for traders who want to take it slow.

Pricing for Challenges

1-Step Challenge

Starting AmountCost

2-Step Challenge

Starting AmountCost

3-Step Challenge

Starting AmountCost

Fees and Commission Structure

At Funds for Traders, the commission per standard lot is $7. There is also a charge of $3.50 each time you open or close a position.

Refund Conditions at Funds For Traders

Funds for Traders doesn’t offer refunds on fees.

Free Trials at Funds For Traders

You can try a $100k account as a free trial option at Funds for Traders.

How Often Does Funds For Traders Prop Firm Pay Traders?

Funds for Traders pays traders every two weeks. But, the first payout is done 30 days after you place a trade.

The Good and Bad of Funds For Traders


  • Nine account sizes are available
  • $100k free trial account
  • Three challenge types
  • Affordable accounts


  • Young prop firm.

Funds For Traders FAQ

Are there any monthly fees?

No. There are no monthly fees.

Can I trade using EAs or ALGOS?


Do you allow news trading?

Yes, Funds for Traders allow news trading.

Can I withdraw evaluation profits?

No, unfortunately, you can’t withdraw evaluation profit. The evaluation is a process used by the firm to see if you are a dedicated trader.

How does the evaluation process work and when can I expect payouts?

You need to trade without risking capital during the evaluation process. You can expect your first payout 30 days after your first placed trade. All following payouts are sent bi-weekly.

What trading strategies are prohibited during the evaluation and funded stages?

Scalping, arbitrage, and high-frequency trading.

What happens if I achieve consistent profitability?

Your account can be increased by 25%, up to 1 million.

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