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6 Reasons to Count Your Blessings as a Binary Options Trader

blessedIt’s that time of year in America. Thanksgiving is a holiday for counting blessings and expressing gratitude for everything you have going for you in your life. When you are working hard on building a career for yourself as a trader but having a hard time getting from point A to point B, it is easy to fall back on feeling sorry for yourself. Odds are though that you have some great things going for you. It is a good idea to take stock of all those good things once in a while. And there are some good things that are a given if you are a trader!

1. Online trading exists.

Even if you are relatively young and you have had the internet available your entire life, chances are you have met at least one trader by now who can recall the days before online retail trading. Imagine trying to do everything you are doing now without the aid of the internet. That means no online real-time charts, no handy historical charts, no software programmed with different types of indicators. You would have had to draw your charts by hand and figure out all the math with the indicators. You would be relying on a telephone to execute your orders! Imagine how fast you would need to act, and how often you would lose because of timing problems.

The advent of the internet made retail trading a real, accessible possibility for people all around the world who would never have had a shot at success in the olden days. Even though that success may be hard-won, at least you have that chance.

2. Relatively low entry barriers.

The entry barriers to binary options trading are actually a little higher than they appear on the surface. You do need closer to $500 in starting capital to start trading on a good money management plan, even though most sites will let you start with $100-$200. Your progress starting with $500 will be slow going, but it is still progress, and at least you do not have to deal with exorbitant fees commissions on your trades like stock traders do! Financially, binary options is much more affordable for the shoestring trader.

3. You have a chance to make exponential gains.

Even though you will initially make a lot less trading than you do at your day job, someday you have the chance to make a whole lot more than you will ever make if you just keep doing your day job for the rest of your life! Even with raises, you will never be able to make exponential returns as an employee. Isn’t it fantastic that you have this opportunity?

4. You set your own hours and control your own life as a trader.

Not only do you have the chance to set and reach high financial goals for yourself as a trader (you cannot set those goals as an employee because you do not control your income potential), but you also can set your own hours. Your schedule is entirely up to you. While you cannot control every aspect of your trading experience, you have an unparalleled level of control over your life as a self-employed person. Eventually one day, you may be trading full time. If that day comes, you will never have to answer to a boss again! Self-employment comes with a lot of challenges and responsibilities, but the rewards are limitless.

5. There is a community ready to help you succeed.

Binary options trading not only gives you financial opportunity, but social opportunity as well. There are thousands of other traders online ready to help you succeed through social trading, forum posts, and more. You have a ready group of friends and associates just waiting for you. The online trading community is very generous with time and knowledge. You may meet lifelong friends while you are talking shop.

6. You have found something you love to do.

If you are still staying the course despite numerous setbacks, then one more blessing for you to count is the simple fact that you have discovered something to do which you really enjoy! Finding something you are truly passionate about and can really excel in is not a given in life. It takes a mixture of determination, luck and grace. If trading is a great fit for you, you have a chance to fulfill your potential over the coming years, through your challenges as well as your victories.

So keep striving on, and remember to count your blessings not just this Thanksgiving, but every day. It can take months or years to become a successful full time trader, but it is worth it for so many reasons! Keep doing what you love, and look forward to exponential gains in your future!

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