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5 Tips for Coping with Burnout

burnoutWhen you are trying to liberate yourself from your desk job by becoming a full-time binary options trader, you are facing a challenging journey which is going to be stressful at points along the way. There is a difference though between stress and burnout. Burnout is a very real danger for binary options traders. When you reach a state of burnout, the accumulated demands of ongoing emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion become too much to handle. This causes you to lose interest altogether in trading. At that point, you enter into a vicious cycle. Your burnout causes you to take a half-baked approach to trading, which causes poor results, which leads to more burnout, and so on. How can you prevent and alleviate burnout?

1. Learn to recognize the warning signs.

It can be very helpful to notice when you are on the road to burnout before you actually are fully entrenched in that state. Here are some signs that you may be on your way to real exhaustion with trading:

Burnout is a dangerous place to be because it not only takes a toll on your trading, but on the rest of your life as well. It can cause you to be more susceptible to illness and to succumb to the same exhaustion at your day job, with other personal projects, and even in your relationships.

2. Learn the difference between stress and burnout.

But trading is always going to be hard work, isn’t it? That much is true, and stress is a regular part of any endeavor worth pursuing. Stress itself can be dangerous if you do not regulate it, but it is helpful to know the difference:

It is important to try and reduce both stress and burnout, but burnout is generally the more damaging state.

3. Recognize the causes of burnout.

You may be laughing right now, thinking, “It is obvious what causes burnout. It is over-work and underachievement!” That is an oversimplification though which is unhelpful in resolving the problem. Here are some specific causes of burnout that you can actually do something about:

4. Prevent stress and burnout with healthy daily choices.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the chances of burning out. It is important to dedicate a lot of time and energy to learning how to trade, but you should never do so at the expense of a healthy, balanced life. Take time each day to relax and do things you enjoy. Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. If you have to, start setting boundaries for yourself. Give yourself set times in which to work on binary options, and then stop. Make sure you think about other things when you are not working. This can be a challenging thing to teach yourself, but it is worth it to develop that extra discipline.

5. Take time to recover.

What if you are already experiencing burnout? Start by slowing down your work, or even taking a complete break from trading and trading-related activities. You may think simply changing your attitude will be enough, but it never is. You absolutely have to stop or slow down for a little while. You may feel an urge to isolate yourself, but it is essential that you spend more time with people who care about you.

After that, it is time to sit down and evaluate your goals, daily tasks, and assumptions. Make the changes you need to come back to trading renewed and refreshed and on a better course. Here are some things you may wish to evaluate:

Burnout is an unpleasant experience that each of us goes through at one point or another, and it is a common plague for binary options traders. You are not helpless when it comes to preventing or recovering from burnout, however, even if it may feel that way when you are wading through the swamp of difficult emotions. If you are facing burnout, sit down with this article and go over your own behaviors, thoughts, and assumptions. Take a break, and come back to trading binary options when you have made some changes!

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