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An Overview Of Windows Platforms For Binary Options Trading

Windows is the most widely used operating system for desktop binary options trading, which is why it is common for binary options brokers to develop dedicated Windows trading platforms for desktop and laptop users. However, the same cannot be said for mobile trading, as Windows has found it difficult to find any kind of goodwill among mobile users in the consumer market. Windows mobile operating system has been unable to penetrate the mobile users market and is only responsible for around 0.8% market share. In comparison, Android is used by over 63% of mobile users, while iOS comes in at a strong second at 34% of overall mobile users market.

“Microsoft had recently acquired Nokia, a once established mobile manufacturer, and has ever since been trying to push its Windows Phone to mobile users. Windows OS, also known as Windows Phone or Windows Mobile, is actually one of the most advanced, secure, and user-friendly mobile operating systems in the market. However, the Windows mobile OS is yet to achieve the cult status followed by its desktop users, and are sometimes even considered to be inferior to the more established mobile operating systems in the market.”

Binary options trading is generating a fair amount of positive, as well as negative reputation in the market. It is an exotic financial market that has close resemblances to gambling, which makes it an illegal activity in some countries. The increasing number of binary options frauds are also alienating prospective investors, particularly those who are comfortable with other investment products such as Forex, stock, commodities, or indices trading. Nevertheless, new traders are always experimenting with several new concepts in the financial markets, and binary options trading should be a viable investment alternative for modern traders. If you are a Windows Phone user, you are more likely to end up searching for the best mobile apps for binary options trading that not only provides a stable trading platform but also offers a secure and reliable trading experience.

Is It Possible To Find A Standalone Windows Binary App For Mobile Trading?

Windows is not as commonly used as the iOS or the Android operating systems, and it may be difficult to find a dedicated Binary Options app for Windows mobile devices. In most cases, brokers may choose to offer their web trading platforms for its Windows users, which are known to have almost all the same capabilities as a dedicated mobile app, if not more. However, there are a few leading binary options brokers who have designed and developed individual apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. We have reviewed some of the top binary options brokers, where mobile users can access some of the best Windows Binary Trading apps for both smartphones and tablets.

“Windows OS seems to be a popular choice for tablet manufacturers and 2-in-1 laptops, which provide a similar mobile trading experience to a desktop interface. The larger screens, higher aspect ratios, better processing power, and crisp image quality are some of the benefits of using tablets over smartphones for mobile trading. Hence, such mobile users can use a dedicated desktop trading platform, which not only increases the amount of flexibility but also improves the overall trading experience”

Windows operating system has a long way to go to reach the kind of popularity enjoyed by iOS and Android devices. Unless Microsoft does something drastic to improve its standing, binary options brokers typically see no incentive in dedicating their money into developing a dedicated Windows Binary App, as they can easily provide their existing web trader platforms for Windows users. However, if the company is successful in generating a larger user following, binary options brokers and app developers may consider developing individual apps for the Windows Mobile operating system.

Comparing Windows Binary Apps With Android & iOS Mobile Platforms

iOS and Android are far ahead of their game, and Windows mobile certainly has its task cut out to generate interest among mobile users. However, we pit the Windows mobile binary trading apps against the established mobile operating systems and see how they fare in the real world conditions.

Number of Devices – Most smartphones and tablets in the consumer market run on either Android or iOS platforms. Although iOS is reserved for Apple devices, Android is developed as an open-source platform that can be installed on any device with the proper configuration and specifications. Therefore, Android holds the top spot for the most number of smartphones and tablets in the market, thereby increasing the share of binary options traders in favour of Android users. Binary options brokers cater to this need in the market and have exclusive Android binary options apps for both trading and support services. Apple, even though having only half of the Android market share, still contributes to a significant chunk of the consumer base. Hence, the number of Windows enabled devices are considerably lower, with only a few manufacturers supporting Windows Mobile on their device.

App Support – The popularity of Android and iOS ensures that binary options traders receive extensive support from both brokers and the app publishers. Windows is obviously at a disadvantage in this aspect, as Android and iOS have the most number of binary options brokers. Even with the recent ruling on iOS binary options apps, Windows still has a long way to go to incorporate apps from the best binary options brokers in the market, and it is to be seen whether Microsoft follows in the footsteps of Apple by completely banning Binary trading apps from its app store.

Trading Environment – Modern day smartphones and tablets have high-end configurations, especially in flagship devices, and are capable of providing a reliable trading performance across all operating systems. Android and iOS devices have similar configurations that are available with Windows devices, although iOS and Windows operating systems may be more secure than Android for binary options trading. It is indeed a shame that Windows is not more widely adopted among binary options mobile users, as Windows platform could have provided a better alternative to iOS devices.

Regulation – Windows apps are more regulated than its iOS or Android counterparts, as only the most established and leading binary options brokers offer the option of a Windows mobile platform. A majority of Windows-supported binary options brokers are regulated by top regulators in the US and the EU, which certainly helps traders to invest in a safe and secure environment.

Evaluating Windows Binary Apps For Different Devices

Windows Binary Options Platforms For Desktops
Desktop binary options traders are primarily offered the option of trading through an independent web browser interface, which ensures that all users can access the markets from a compatible web browser. Only a very few binary options brokers take the time and spend enough resources into developing an installable interface for the Windows platform. That said, Windows has the most number of supported binary trading platforms, when compared to the platforms available for both Mac OSX and Linux. It is relatively feasible for binary options companies to invest in dedicated windows app for desktop, hence, the reason behind the popularity of binary options apps in the Windows app store for the desktop platform.

Most Binary Options apps for the desktop platforms offer advanced trading options, such as custom indicators, interactive charts, trading dashboard, and other important features that facilitate easy trading. Windows Binary Trading apps for the desktop are also highly recommended for traders who are serious about their investments, as it provides a better range of tools and accessories to perform elaborate research. Several new desktop apps also enable traders to use innovative new features such as social trading and automated trading, which provides expert assistance for both novice and expert traders. Therefore, we do implore all traders to choose Binary Desktop apps for Windows and only use mobile platforms for emergencies or managing trades on the move.

Windows Binary Options For Mobile Devices
Mobile trading, regardless of a few compromises in terms of screen space and market research, is perhaps the most preferred investment platform for modern traders. Even some of the most experienced and professional investors make use of mobile trading platforms to manage their positions, enter new trades, and analyse the markets on the go. Mobile binary options trading platforms, including Windows mobile apps, do limit the amount of market information that can be displayed at a time, but tablets and 2-in-1 devices can minimise the drawbacks of a smaller screen size.

Windows Mobile Binary Trading Through Web Traders
Binary options brokers have pushed hard for standardising web trading interfaces as the default binary options platform, as they can be scaled and customised for trading on both desktop and mobile devices. Web Traders are indeed the default binary app for almost all binary options brokers, with only a handful of companies opting to choose a dedicated installable platform for desktop and mobile OS. Therefore, it is imperative for traders to get comfortable with the idea of trading through a web browser, regardless of their choice of trading device.

A Short Guide To Opening A Binary Options Account Through A Windows App

It is common for traders to feel at a loss when they find out that they are unable to install an independent binary options app from their favourite broker on their Windows device. However, there aren’t many reasons to complain, as binary options brokers have covered their clients’ needs by providing several alternatives. Here is a detailed guide on opening a binary options account at a Windows binary options broker:

Find A Broker: We will help you in your search for the best broker that will guarantee the safety of your funds, as well as provide an excellent Windows Binary app. It is indeed a bonus for traders that the brokers that offer a dedicated Windows mobile binary options app are also some of the best binary options brokers in the market. We will only recommend the best and regulated companies, as we feel that the safety of investments is the top priority before opening an account. It is also important to trade with a company that does not interfere with the outcome of a trade and provides a trading account that comes with the least conflict of interest.

Search The Windows App Store: You can search the official Windows App Store to search for a binary options app, even though you may not be able to find any significant number of trading platforms. Your best bet would be to choose a binary options broker that offers an excellent set of products and services that match your requirements and choose a Windows app that is provided by the broker. Alternatively, you can also choose a Windows trading app, but the choice of accounts and services may be severely limited.

Verifying Your Trading Account: Brokers should generally allow traders to verify their identity through the app, which involves uploading all the necessary documents to the broker’s customer service department. Account verification is an important part of maintaining an account at a binary options and is an important step that is required to withdraw funds from the broker.

Fund Your Account: Funding an account can be facilitated through the web trader, the mobile app, or the desktop app, and remains the same for all operating systems. Traders can start trading as soon as they make their initial deposit, and it can be made through several payment methods such as wire transfer, credit/debit cards, and online payment processors/e-wallets.

Practice Trading: It is extremely imperative for traders to test out their platform and make a proper evaluation, before trading with real money. A demo trading account is the best way to pick your way around a new trading platform, and it is safe to say that most Windows binary apps provide a demo account to its traders. Demo trading can indeed help prepare traders to acclimatise with the binary options market, but trading with real money is an entirely different ballgame.

Conclusion – Using Windows Mobile App For Binary Options

Microsoft has been spending quite a lot of money on marketing and promotions to get its Windows Phone project off the ground. Of course, the company has acknowledged that its Nokia acquisition has not worked as planned, but there is still hope for the company, owing to its expertise and OS knowledge. With Apple banning all binary options apps on their iTunes Store, Windows can indeed seize the opportunity to push for a better exposure among binary traders. Of course, the future regulatory requirements may restrict the company from catering to its binary trading customers in a free manner, but there is a probability that Windows may prove to be far more popular for mobile users in the years to come.

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