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5 Steps To Becoming a Profitable Binary Options Trader

If you want to become a profitable binary options trader, you can’t just jump into the market and learn by doing—that’s a great way to lose money, blow your trading account, and find yourself giving up on trading.

People wash out of binary options all the time, and it’s usually because they don’t take their time and go through all the steps it takes to get from point A, where you’re at now, to point B, where you’re a profitable, professional trader.

Here’s Five Tips To Making Money Over The Long Term

  1. Learn everything you can about binary options trading.  Start studying other peoples’ methods and techniques, start experimenting with techniques on your own, and learn what you can about how different financial markets operate.  Having this groundwork will help you to make intelligent decisions and to understand the nature of risk.


  1. Start accumulating the bankroll you’re going to need to trade binary options.  You can enter into this type of trading with fewer financial resources than might be required for some others, but you’re still going to need to be able to invest money you can afford to lose.  And don’t quit your day job—you’ll be needing that for a while longer.


  1. Pick a method which you like and start testing it on historical data.  Backtesting is the best way to figure out if your method may have potential on current data and to work out problems in your system and discover how it works (or doesn’t) in different markets and market conditions.


  1. Once you’re profitable on historical data, demo test trade your method on current, live data in real time, using a broker you think you might trade real money with.  When you take your system live, you’ll probably find whole new sets or problems to solve when it comes to integrating your trading with your real-life schedule and mindset.


  1. Only once you’ve been profitable for a certain length of time with a reasonable number of trades in demo testing should you consider trading with your real money.

Even once you’ve completed all these steps, you still aren’t done.  You’ll need to continuously research, test, and learn new methods, and also work on adapting your method in real time to changing market conditions.  If you treat this like a profession, you’ll have a chance of becoming a successful trader someday who can trade for a living.

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