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marketsworld-logo-120Are you familiar with MarketsWorld?  They are one of our highly recommended brokers, with a lot of top shelf features, and they accept customers from the USA.  They are adding 60 Second options to their trade types, which means you will soon be able to trade the fastest options in the world with MarketsWorld.  There are other brokers that already offer 60 Second options, but many of them are not as good.  MarketsWorld operates with greater transparency, has more exciting features for traders, and also offers an unlimited, no-deposit demo account.  This is a rare feature to find, and it is ideal if you are thinking about making the switch to 60 Second trading!

How Is 60 Second Trading Different?

60 Second trades are based on standard High/Low binary options trades.  If you already know how to do High/Low trades, you know how a 60 Second trade works.  You look at a financial instrument’s current price level, and you wager that price will be above or below the current level by the end of the expiry time.  If you are right, and your trade expires “in the money,” you win the payout.  If you are wrong, and your trade expires “out of the money,” you lose the trade, and your investment.

If you can trade High/Low options successfully, you can trade 60 Second options successfully too, right?

Not necessarily.

Why?  Because the timing can make all the difference in the world.  You can learn to trade 60 Second options, but you cannot simply go in assuming that you know what you are doing just because you can handle 5-10 minute expiry trades with no problem, or longer trades that last for hours.  60 Second trades are different for a couple of reasons, even if their mechanics are the same.

Here are the main challenges you face:

  1. 60 Second trades are based on data which is moving much faster and which is less reliable.  There is more chop on this timeframe, more volatility, and very small price swings can cost you a lot of money—fast.  Because of the volatility of very fast trades, even experienced traders often avoid them.  They are certainly not for beginners.  Some traders learn to handle them successfully though and become experts at making these fast wins add up! Click here to learn how to trade 60 second binary options.

  1. 60 Second trades can be emotionally intense.  This is not going to be the case for every trader.  Some traders feel just the opposite.  Long term trades make them impatient and confused, and they may second guess perfectly good decisions and end up making bad judgment calls.

  1. There is not as much time to remedy mistakes.  You may not even realize how quickly you are blowing through your money until it is too late.  When you are doing slower trades, you have plenty of time to mull over what you are doing wrong and do something about it.  60 Second trades can be addicting, and you may burn right through your bankroll trying to get revenge on the market.

Notice that all of these challenges can be overcome.  There is no reason you cannot learn how to deal with the emotional rollercoaster, and with a really sound trading method and a lot of practice, you may be able to overcome the choppiness and volatility of the markets and navigate some of the unreliability of the data you have to use.  With self-discipline on your side, you can remedy mistakes.  And one of the best tools for preventing errors and correcting course with your trading is available at MarketsWorld.

Why Demo Trade?

Not all traders recognize the importance of demo trading, especially new traders.  It does not help that most binary options brokers seem to behave as though demo trading is somehow optional.  If you want to make it in trading over the long term, you absolutely must demo trade, and that is true whether you are trading 60 Second options or not.  But with 60 Second options, it is even more important.

Demo trading allows you a chance to test trades with no financial risk.  On the majority of broker websites, if there is demo trading offered at all, it is maybe one to three free trades, or it takes the form of a feature you can use for a couple of weeks before they shut it off forever.  That is not the case with MarketsWorld. MarketsWorld lets you test as long as you want, as often as you want, with or without a deposit in your account.

How Demo Trading Can Help You Win With 60 Second Options

Demo trading allows you to ease into 60 Second trading without losing money on the transition, and to correct problems as they arise without losing more money.  If you have never traded binary options at all, I suggest that you get started with a longer expiry time.  Try some of the close-of-day options that MarketsWorld offers first.  Even if you find yourself feeling antsy during these longer trades, it is a good idea to start with them since that way you will get used to trading with more reliable data and less choppiness.

Here are the benefits of demo testing 60 Second trades:

Demo trading is time well spent at – start now!”

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