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Alpicap Prop Firm Review

From its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, ALPICAP LTD (established 2022) equips traders with state-of-the-art tools on platforms such as MT4 and DxTrade. The firm’s rigorous two-step evaluation allows trading in Forex, metals, and more, with account sizes that scale from $15,000 to $200,000 and include an 80% profit split. Alpicap designs challenges that are ideal for both experienced traders and those new to the field.

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There are no active coupon codes for Alpicap Prop Firm at this time.

Diving into Alpicap Prop Firm’s Details

Alpicap’s Official Company Name

The firm is known as ALPICAP LTD, reflecting its established and formal presence in the trading industry.

The Address of Alpicap Prop Firm

Operating from 12 Quai du Seujet, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland, the location of Alpicap enhances its prestige within the financial community.

Establishment Date: Alpicap Prop Firm

Initiating operations in 2022, Alpicap is characterized as a new but determined player in the realm of proprietary trading, showcasing a commitment to cutting-edge trading solutions.

Registration Location of Alpicap Prop Firm

With its registration in Switzerland, Alpicap leverages the country’s acclaimed regulatory standards, reinforcing trust and security for its trading partners.

Alpicap Prop Firm’s Founders/Owners

The firm does not disclose its owners, aligning with general privacy practices yet possibly affecting those who prefer open business relationships.

Trading Platforms at Alpicap

The trading platforms offered by Alpicap Prop Firm include MT4 and DxTrade, each chosen for their unique capabilities in enhancing trading operations.

MT4 offers in-depth analytical tools and robust automated trading functions, making it a favorite for forex and commodities trading.

Meanwhile, DxTrade supports traders with its adaptable interface and advanced trading features, suitable for all experience levels.

Range of Instruments by Alpicap Prop Firm

Traders at Alpicap Prop Firm can choose from a diverse catalogue of financial instruments: Forex pairs, commodities, indices, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

Each category offers unique opportunities, from trading in major and minor currency pairs to investing in commodities, exploring global indices, dealing in precious metals, and participating in the crypto market.

Payment Methods at Alpicap Prop Firm

Alpicap’s payment options are designed for global traders’ convenience:

Available Account Sizes at Alpicap Prop Firm

$15k up to $200k, so it enables traders to escalate their investment as they gain confidence and experience.

Profit Split Structure at Alpicap

At Alpicap, the profit distribution structure allows traders to keep 80% of their earnings, encouraging ambitious trading strategies.

Targeting Profits with Alpicap Prop Firm

For traders at Alpicap, a 10% Profit Target in the two-step challenges serves as a benchmark for funding, evaluating their proficiency in generating considerable returns and managing their trading approaches.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Alpicap

Alpicap enforces loss limits to protect investment capital:

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Alpicap

At Alpicap, the trading challenges come with specific duration limits:

Alpicap Prop Firm: Challenges & Compliance

Alpicap Prop Firm’s Challenges

Pricing for Challenges

Fees and Commission Structure

The firm does not reveal its commission and fee information on the web.

Refund Conditions at Alpicap Prop Firm

Alpicap maintains a policy where trading challenge fees are non-refundable.

Free Trials at Alpicap Prop Firm

Without offering free trials, Alpicap ensures that only financially committed traders engage with its challenges.

How Often Does Alpicap Prop Firm Pay Traders?

The Good and Bad of Alpicap Prop Firm

High Praise for Alpicap

  • Commendable Support & Transparency: Regular commendations are given for Alpicap’s exemplary support and clear communication, crucial for enhancing user trading experiences.
  • Reliable Payouts Noted: Instances of precise payout amounts such as $2,749 and $3,470 are frequently shared, confirming timely financial transactions. Users quickly receive their due payouts after achieving the required trading targets.
  • Advocacy Among Traders: Alpicap not only meets but exceeds user expectations, leading many to recommend the firm to other traders, indicative of its strong community standing.

Alpicap FAQ

Commissions and Spread Info:

Alpicap offers industry-leading spreads and commissions through its partnership with Eightcap. See detailed account offerings here: Eightcap Spreads.

Trading on Weekends:

Alpicap allows for weekend trading and also supports holding trades overnight.

Policy on Account Merging:

Due to the need for effective risk management, account merging is not permitted. You can take up to three challenges, with a maximum funding of USD 600k.

Start Trading with Alpicap Prop Firm

Kickstart your trading career with Alpicap by signing up here: ****Join Alpicap, and explore their advanced trading platforms and a wide range of financial instruments.

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