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WSFunded Prop Firm Review

WSFunded Prop Firm Review bestfxbrokers

WSFunded, or Wall Street Funded, offers a dynamic trading environment since its inception in 2023. Located in Andorra but registered in the USA, it provides challenges such as Rapid, Classic, and WSF Ultra on advanced platforms like cTrader and DxTrade.

This prop firm allows trading in sectors including Forex, commodities, and crypto, with an 80% profit split aimed at empowering traders. Want to start trading? Sign up here and begin your WSFunded journey.

Coupon Code for WSFunded Prop Firm

Currently, there are no coupon codes available for WSFunded Prop Firm. Traders interested in potential discounts or promotional offers should visit the firm’s website regularly or sign up for notifications.

Diving into WSFunded Prop Firm’s Details

WSFunded’s Official Company Name

The official registration name of the firm is WSfunded, consistent with its brand identity and market presence.

The Address of WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded’s office is located at Av Princep Benlloch 93 ESPAI 3, AD500, Andorra, a key European financial hub.

Establishment Date: WSFunded Prop Firm

Established in 2023, WSFunded is one of the newer entities in the prop trading field, offering fresh strategies and perspectives.

Registration Location of WSFunded Prop Firm

Although its base is in Andorra, WSFunded is registered in the United States, adhering to rigorous regulatory standards.

WSFunded Prop Firm’s Founders/Owners

The firm’s owners are Iñaki Martínez and Albert Suriol.

Trading Platforms at WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded provides traders with two sophisticated trading platforms:

These platforms ensure WSFunded traders have access to advanced trading technologies that enhance their trading strategies.

Financial Instruments Offered by WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded offers a diverse selection of financial instruments, enabling traders to trade:

This wide selection allows traders to diversify their portfolios and optimize their trading based on market conditions.

Payment Methods Supported by WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded facilitates several payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals:

These payment options cater to a global audience, ensuring secure and efficient financial management for traders.

Account Sizes at WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded offers a range of account sizes to accommodate varying levels of trader experience and investment capability:

Account Ranges: $5k, $10k, $25k, $50k, $100k, and $200k.

This variety allows traders to start with smaller investments and scale up as their confidence or trading strategy success grows.

Profit Splits at WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded has a generous profit-sharing model for traders:

This high-profit split encourages traders to perform well, knowing they retain a substantial portion of their earnings, aligning their success with the firm’s.

Profit Targets for WSFunded Prop Firm

Rapid Challenge:

A 10% profit target for swift demonstration of trading skills.

Classic and WSF Ultra Challenges:

These targets require traders to demonstrate profitability and trade management skills.

Maximum Drawdown and Loss Limits at WSFunded Prop Firm

Rapid Challenge: Maximum daily loss of 4% and a total loss limit of 6%.

Classic/WSF Ultra Challenges:

Trading Days Requirements at WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded offers a flexible trading schedule:

This flexibility reduces pressure and enhances strategic decision-making.

Steps in the WSFunded Prop Firm Challenge

WSFunded provides structured challenge paths to trading success:

These models accommodate different trader preferences and readiness levels for funded trading.

WSFunded Prop Firm Challenge Pricing

WSFunded provides competitive pricing for its trading challenges:

Rapid Challenge Pricing:

Classic Challenge Pricing:

WSF Ultra Challenge Pricing:

Commission Structure at WSFunded Prop Firm

WSFunded’s commission rates vary by trading platform and instrument:

This transparent fee structure ensures traders can manage their costs effectively.

Refund Policy of WSFunded Prop Firm

Upon your first withdrawal request, you are eligible for a 120% refund.

WSFunded Prop Firm Trial Offers

No free trials are available as of April 2024.

WSFunded Prop Firm Payout Schedules

Wall Street Funded processes payments every 10 days.

The Good and Bad of WSFunded Prop Firm

Advantages (based on TrustPilot reviews, not our own opinion):

  • High Satisfaction with Support: Traders praise the customer support for being quick, effective, and comprehensive.
  • Problem-Solving Approach: The firm is noted for its proactive and solution-oriented service.
  • Positive Payout Experiences: Testimonials frequently highlight the reliable and satisfying payout processes, building trust in the firm’s financial management.

Disadvantages (based on TrustPilot reviews, not our own opinion):

  • Payment Issues: Some traders have reported issues with payments, alleging that the firm labels successful risk management as gambling to withhold payouts.
  • Strict Risk Parameters: Critics say the firm’s risk parameters are too restrictive, limiting traders’ flexibility in their strategies.

These pros and cons reflect user feedback and provide potential traders with insights into real experiences at WSFunded, aiding them in making informed decisions.

Thinking about trying WSFunded? Start your trading journey today by signing up here.

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