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Binary Auto Trader Update Review

Binary Options Auto Trader have ceased all operations. Please visit our recommended trading brokers list.


This signal service has been around for a number of years now. As readers of the site know, one of the things we like to feature is the latest automatic trading software and signal services. If you remember, our first experience with Binary Auto Trader ( not work out as a winning effort for us.


They turned things around fairly strong with their March performance with 56 wins and 36 losses. That’s a 60.87% success rate. This is a rate that can be profitable but ideally I would like to see a little bit higher to really profit for the amount of risk taken. With that said they also had one really bad day that drove the winning percentage down considerably.

They also making a policy change that they will stop trading for the day once they have two losses. That means that unless they are winning trades that day, after two losses the auto trading will be over. I understand this undertaking. It hurts to lose multiple trades in a single day. I am hopeful that the system will become more picky in it’s trade after the first loss of the day. I would rather it wait longer and avoid the marginally strong trades and just take the clearly strong trades. Especially after 1 loss.

I am looking forward to re-activating my real money trading account with a fresh deposit and giving this another try. I will probably wait until their version 3 update comes out later this month and give it a fresh review.

In the mean time, you can check it out yourself here:

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