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Is TradeRush a Scam?

TradeRush have ceased all operations. Please visit our recommended trading brokers list.


Update June 2017 – TradeRush is a Scam, Ignore the Outdated Content Below

TradeRush is probably one of the best known binary options brokers at this stage of the game; the company is based in Limassol, Cyprus, and is one of the few brokers that offers binary options trading to US customers. As such they are quite popular, though many people who are new to binary trading wonder if TradeRush is a scam or a legitimate business. This is always an important question to ask, so if you’re thinking about it, you’re only being responsible. Not many binary brokers are regulated yet, which adds a dimension of uncertainty to binary options trading that many new traders are not comfortable with. TradeRush is in the process of getting regulated by CySEC, however, which is already something that should reassure you.

Check out why others trust Bonuses

TradeRush offers reasonably flexible trade sizes and generous sign-up bonuses. Bonuses take the form of leverage, so you may choose to accept or reject the extra money depending on your risk profile and what you’re comfortable with. You’ll notice there are several tiers of accounts, and at the top levels you qualify for huge bonuses, a free iPad, and professional advice.

TradeRush Has Fantastic Customer Service

What really impresses us about TradeRush is their customer service and their resources. TradeRush provides customer service via live chat, toll-free phone, and email. The toll-free option is great; not all brokers offer this. Furthermore, the live chat is actually staffed by real live human beings. Many times the “live chat” button on binary options brokers’ websites is staffed by a robot or not staffed at all. We’ve found their customer service team to be friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. While it can be a little tricky to find information on their site about specifics, the customer service team is easy to reach and happy to help. There are other brokers who aren’t so swift to help with basic queries. Imagine how those brokers treat their paying customers when they have a problem with their account and need an immediate answer because their money is on the line.

We also think it’s great that if you get more than just the basic Mini account with TradeRush, you’re given additional trading tools and resources which can help you to trade responsibly. This includes training in money management (a topic many brokers fail to even bring up), a dedicated account manager, analysis from trading pros, and helpful trading techniques that can be used to make more reliable profits.

TradeRush seems dedicated to providing information to their customers; that’s always a good sign when it comes to choosing a broker. There are brokers you can tell are trying to get throwaway customers—traders who will show up, blow their accounts overnight, and walk away (easy money). Some brokers though are trying to build long-term relationships with clients by helping them to succeed instead of encouraging them to trade casually. The fact that TradeRush is also fast to respond to queries and informative also demonstrates that their customer service team will likely be quick to resolve any issues you might have.

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