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DeiFunded Prop Firm Review

DeiFunded Prop Firm, established in September 2023 and located in Sydney, Australia, aims to provide traders with a platform to prove their trading acumen and obtain financial backing.

The evaluation at DeiFunded involves a two-level process on the MetaTrader 5 platform, in association with Kubera Capital Markets.

Offering a comprehensive array of tradable assets including cryptocurrencies, energies, forex, indices, and metals, DeiFunded meets the needs of diverse trading styles with account sizes from $5,000 to $200,000.

The firm boasts attractive profit-sharing options and flexible trading conditions, positioning it as a favorable option for those interested in prop trading careers.

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Coupon Code for DeiFunded Prop Firm

Currently, there is no coupon code reported for DeiFunded Prop Firm according to the data gathered.

Diving into DeiFunded Prop Firm’s Details

DeiFunded’s Official Company Name

The officially registered name of the prop trading firm is DeiFunded, according to the provided information.

The Address of DeiFunded Prop Firm

DeiFunded Prop Firm does not reveal a physical address, indicating it operates largely through online channels.

Establishment Date: DeiFunded Prop Firm

DeiFunded was launched in September 2023, positioning it as a newcomer with a modern approach to prop trading.

Registration Location of DeiFunded Prop Firm

DeiFunded is officially registered in Sydney, Australia, ensuring it operates within a highly regulated trading environment.

DeiFunded Prop Firm’s Founders/Owners

Dr. Shane Healy and Brin Taylor hold ownership of DeiFunded, leveraging their expertise to shape the firm’s strategic direction.

Trading Platforms at DeiFunded

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the chosen platform for DeiFunded Prop Firm, providing a premium trading environment with advanced technical and algorithmic trading features.

Range of Instruments by DeiFunded Prop Firm

DeiFunded’s array of tradable instruments includes cryptocurrencies, energies, forex, indices, and metals, designed to cater to various trading strategies and risk management needs.

Payment Methods at DeiFunded

Traders at DeiFunded have the flexibility to make payments using either credit cards or cryptocurrencies, accommodating a variety of financial preferences.

Available Account Sizes at DeiFunded Prop Firm

Traders at DeiFunded can choose from several account sizes, with options starting as low as $5,000 and extending up to $200,000, making it possible for traders to escalate their investments as their skills develop.

Profit Split Structure at DeiFunded

Traders at DeiFunded receive an advantageous initial profit split of 80%-20%. This split can improve to 90%-10% after the trader achieves consecutive payouts, reflecting the firm’s commitment to rewarding success.

Targeting Profits with DeiFunded Prop Firm

DeiFunded sets clear profit goals for its evaluation phases: 8% in the first and 5% in the subsequent phase. These targets help verify a trader’s capability to consistently produce profits under diverse market pressures.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at DeiFunded

To manage risks effectively, DeiFunded places a 5% cap on daily losses and a 10% cap on total losses, both during the evaluation phases and in funded accounts, crucial for maintaining financial stability.

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at DeiFunded

At DeiFunded, each evaluation phase must be completed in no less than four days, however, the firm places no restrictions on the maximum number of days, facilitating a trader-focused, flexible approach.

Step Challenges Available at DeiFunded

DeiFunded offers only the Two-Phase Evaluation Challenge. First phase is verification and the second phase is evaluation.

Pricing for Challenges

Cost per Account Size:

These fees fund the simulation tools and resources needed for the evaluation phases.

Fees and Commission Structure

Forex trading commissions at DeiFunded are set at $4 per lot, with the firm’s commitment to transparency ensuring there are no hidden fees.

Refund Conditions at DeiFunded Prop Firm

The refund policy at DeiFunded allows for immediate processing of refunds post-evaluation challenge success, with the amount refunded varying according to the specific challenge or tier engaged by the trader.

Free Trials at DeiFunded Prop Firm

At present, DeiFunded Prop Firm lacks any trial offers for prospective traders, necessitating payment for any of the firm’s evaluation challenges to gain access.

How Often Does DeiFunded Prop Firm Pay Traders?

With a bi-weekly payout system, DeiFunded Prop Firm supports traders in managing their earnings and maintaining regular financial planning.

The Good and Bad of DeiFunded Prop Firm (based on Trustpilot reviews)


  • Support Team Excellence: Outstanding support, with frequent kudos to Brin for his professionalism.
  • Positive Trading Journey: Traders feel valued and well-supported throughout their engagements.
  • Efficient Issue Handling: Support staff is prompt and effective in resolving concerns.


  • Payment Delays: Extended delays in payments raise doubts about operational efficiency.
  • Dashboard Performance: Reports of unreliable features on the V2 Dashboard.
  • Customer Service Variability: Some traders report subpar assistance, detracting from the overall experience.

DeiFunded FAQ

How do we handle payouts?

Payments to customers with positive trading results, in compliance with our partnered proprietary trading firm’s conditions, are overseen by a dedicated financial team. This team ensures smooth processing by projecting liquidity needs and cash requirements, including payouts. Our partnering firm conducts consistent analyses to ascertain its readiness for all foreseeable financial obligations.

How do they proactively ensure a continued viability in the future?

DeiFunded is fundamentally an evaluation platform. They constantly monitor industry changes, identify emerging trends, and always operate compliantly. They’re committed to evolving alongside the industry, with our dedication to ethical conduct, and innovation as foundational pillars. They cherish their association with the community and are confident in their proactive measures for future success.

How much leverage can I trade with?

We provide a leverage of 1:100.

Do you allow Martingale?

Yes, they do. Please keep in mind that no single trade can contribute to more than 40% of your total account profit or break any other rules.

Do they have a demo account to check spreads and instruments?

Yes! You can use the demo account below to check instruments:
Broker Name: Kubera Capital Markets
Account Name: 2100161112
Password: DeiFunded_test1
Server: Kubera Capital Markets Ltd

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