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Funding Frontier Review

Funding Frontier, is a new prop firm. It is established and licensed in the UAE, practicing under the UAE legal framework. The co-owners and founders are Keashif Beyg and Zain Omar. To take part in trading with Funding Frontier, you will need to pass their trading challenge.

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Trading Platforms at Funding Frontier

MT4, MT5 and cTRADER. With Funding Frontier, you can enjoy the flexibility of trading on these two platforms. MT5, is a product by MetaQuotes, and allows multi-asset trading. cTRADER can advance your trading, it offers custom indicators and cBots.

Range of Instruments by Funding Frontier

Tradable InstrumentLeverage







Forex Pairs


Payment Methods at Funding Frontier

For deposits you can use:  

For withdrawing funds you can use: 

Available Account Sizes at Funding Frontier 

At Funding Frontier, there five different account sizes:

EVERY SINGLE challenge type/size$5,000$5,000$10,000$10,000$25,000$25,000$50,000$50,000$100,000$100,000$200,000
Profit split80%80%80%80%80%80%80%80%80%80%80%
Phase 1 profit target7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%
Phase 2 profit target5%4%5%4%5%4%5%4%5%4%5%
Phase 3 profit targetN/A3%N/A3%N/A3%N/A3%N/A3%N/A
Max daily loss5%N/A5%N/A5%N/A5%N/A5%N/A5%
Max total loss10%5%10%5%10%5%10%5%10%5%10%
Minimum trading days5days3days5days3days5days3days5days3days5days3days5days
Maximum trading daysN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Commission per lot$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5$5

Profit Split Structure at Funding Frontier 

The profit split at Funding Frontier is 80%:20%. You get to keep 80% of your profit, and Funding Frontier company keeps the remaining 20%.

Targeting Profits with Funding Frontier 

Funding Frontier sets profit goals for each phase in all challenge types and sizes. 

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Funding Frontier 

2-step challenges have the maximum total loss is set at 10%, while daily loss limit is set at 5%.

3-step challenges have a maximum total loss limit of 5%, with no daily loss restriction.

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Funding Frontier

At Funding Frontier, the minimum duration of trading days depends on the challenge type. For the 2-step challenge, you need at least 5 trading days, but there’s no maximum day limit set. In the 3-step challenge, a minimum of 3 trading days is required, again with no maximum days limit.

Funding Frontier Challenges Pricing

Challenge type/size$5,000$5,000$10,000$10,000$25,000$25,000$50,000$50,000$100,000$100,000$200,000
Phase 1 profit target7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%5%7.5%
Phase 2 profit target5%4%5%4%5%4%5%4%5%4%5%
Phase 3 profit targetN/A3%N/A3%N/A3%N/A3%N/A3%N/A

Fees and Commission Structure

The commission is fixed at $3.50 per lot per side ($7.00 per round trip) for FX and Commodities on the Evaluation. Check their Terms and conditions page since they can change this from time to time. 

Trading InstrumentCommission Fee
FOREX$3.50 per lot
COMMODITIES$3.50 per lot
INDICES$0 per lot
CRYPTO$0 per lot

Refund Conditions at Funding Frontier

At Funding Frontier, they offer a refund policy that allows you to recoup up to 25% of your registration fee upon getting a funded account status. It’s added as a bonus to your 1st payout, increasing your profits right out of the gate. Keep in mind, the refund is possible only if you have passed the challenge and started making profits. 

Free Trials at Funding Frontier

There are no free trial options at Funding Frontier. 

How Often Does Funding Frontier Prop Firm Pay Traders?

Usually bi-weekly. What you need to do in order to get paid is pass the challenge and evaluation process. After that you will receive an email with the Traders Agreement and requirements for KYC. Once your trading account is funded and you made your first profitable trade, you can  request a payout within a span of 14 to 30 days after your first trade.

The Good and Bad of Funding Frontier


  • 5 account sizes
  • Realistic profit targets
  • No country restrictions
  • Various tradable instruments


  • Geographical advantage for UAE users
  • Profit share could be better
  • Limited scaling opportunities

Funding Frontier FAQ

What instruments can I trade?

Forex, commodities, indices, and crypto.

What are the spreads and commissions?

Spreads are less than 1 pip in normal market conditions. Commissions are $3.50 per lot, per side, and $7 per round trip.

Are EAs allowed?

Yes. EAs are allowed.

Do I have to place a stop loss on trades?

Yes. You must use a stop loss on trades once you get funded and you use a live funded account. 

How often are the payouts?


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