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Limitless Funding Review

Limitless Funding is a proprietary firm registered in Zagreb, Croatia. The owner is Katarina Trgo. This prop firm has a unique evaluation process suitable for both experienced and beginner traders.

Limitless Funding Review bestfxbrokers

Trading Platforms at Limitless Funding

At Limitless Funding, you can trade on MT4 and MT5 platforms. 

Range of Instruments by Limitless Funding

You can trade FX pairs, Metals, Cryptocurrencies, Equity Shares, and CFD Indices at Limitless Funding.

Instrument Type2-Phase Evaluation Leverage1-Phase & 3-Phase Accounts LeverageAdd-On Doubling
Equity Shares10:110:1Yes

Payment Methods at Limitless Funding

You can pay and get paid with Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrencies. Soon, there will be a Stored-Value Limitless Funding Card as a third option.

Available Account Sizes at Limitless Funding

There are six account sizes available at Limitless Funding:

Contact Limitless Funding

You can contact Limitless Funding via:

Profit Split Structure at Limitless Funding

The profit share with bought add-ons is up to 90%. Without add-ons, the profit share is 75% for the 1-Phase and 80% for the 2-Phase.

Targeting Profits with Limitless Funding

Each phase has a different profit target. The three-phase evaluation has a 5% profit target, and the One-Phase evaluations have a 10% profit target. 

The two-step evaluations have a 10% profit target in the first step, and a 5% profit target in the second step.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Limitless Funding

The Maximum Daily loss at Limitless Funding:

The Maximum overall loss:

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Limitless Funding

You’re not limited when it comes to trading days at Limitless Funding.

Pricing for Challenges


Fees and Commission Structure

Because Limitless Funding uses RAW accounts from ThinkMarkets, they charge commissions for Forex and Equity Share CFDs. But, they don’t charge any fees on their end.

Refund Conditions at Limitless Funding

Limitless Funding doesn’t give refunds because their evaluation process is easy to pass.

Free Trials at Limitless Funding

There are no free trial options at Limitless Funding.

How Often Does Limitless Funding Pay Traders?

Limitless Funding pays their traders once in 30 days.

The Good and Bad of Limitless Funding


  • Many trading instruments are available
  • Six account sizes are available
  • Evaluations are for both skilled and novice trader


  • Relatively new prop firm
  • Fees are not refundable

Limitless Funding FAQ

I have successfully passed the evaluation, what happens next?

The Limitless Funding team will check your account and documents for verification. After the agreement is signed, you’ll receive your funded account. This typically takes 48 working hours.

What Countries are accepted?

All countries are accepted, except those listed by OFAC.

Can I use an Expert Advisor (EA)?

Yes, you can.

How many accounts can a single user have?

Only one account of each size.

After a user passes an evaluation and receives their funded account, is there a time limit before they can request their first payout?

No, there is no time limit.

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