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MiFunder Prop Firm Review

MiFunder, also known as Lunnify (FTE), is a proprietary trading firm based in Dubai, UAE, founded in 2023. The firm offers distinctive trading challenges, including both 1-step and 2-step evaluation challenges, utilizing platforms such as MT4 and DxTrade. Traders have the opportunity to work with various financial instruments including Forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The firm is celebrated for its advantageous profit shares, zero commission rates during evaluations, and adaptable trading environments suited for a range of strategies and expertise levels.

Interested in a new trading challenge? Sign up here: Get Started with MiFunder.

Coupon Code for MiFunder Prop Firm

MiFunder is currently offering a promotional discount for traders who are starting their evaluation. Use the coupon code NEXTLEVEL20 to receive 20% off all Evaluation accounts.

This promotion is active until the end of April 2024.

Diving into MiFunder Prop Firm’s Details

MiFunder’s Official Company Name

MiFunder, officially registered as Lunnify (FTE), is recognized for its progressive approach to proprietary trading.

The Address of MiFunder Prop Firm

Located in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, MiFunder is strategically positioned in a key financial center.

Establishment Date: MiFunder Prop Firm

Established in 2023, MiFunder is among the latest entrants in the prop trading sector.

MiFunder Prop Firm’s Founders/Owners

The ownership of MiFunder is not publicly disclosed on the firm’s website.

Trading Platforms at MiFunder

Range of Instruments by MiFunder Prop Firm

Traders can diversify their investment strategies across various markets:

These options help traders to broaden their portfolios and leverage different market conditions.

Payment Methods at MiFunder

MiFunder supports multiple payment options suitable for a global clientele:

These methods are designed to provide flexibility and convenience for traders managing their investments.

Available Account Sizes at MiFunder Prop Firm

MiFunder caters to various levels of trading experience and financial investment, offering account sizes from: $7k to $250k, across several tiers.

Profit Split Structure at MiFunder

MiFunder’s profit sharing models are designed to richly reward successful traders:

Targeting Profits with MiFunder Prop Firm

MiFunder sets clear profit targets for traders aiming to advance or secure funding:

These benchmarks are set to evaluate the trader’s ability to consistently achieve returns while managing risks effectively.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at MiFunder

MiFunder enforces risk management protocols:

These limits are crucial for fostering disciplined trading habits and ensuring sustainability in the trader’s career.

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at MiFunder

MiFunder offers varied trading durations to accommodate different trading styles:

This approach respects the diverse strategies and pace of traders in achieving their objectives.

MiFunder Prop Firm’s Challenges

MiFunder provides two challenge types to suit varying trader preferences and strategies:

Pricing for Challenges

MiFunder has established a structured pricing framework to ensure the challenges are both affordable and maintain trader engagement:

Single-step Challenge Pricing:

Dual-step Challenge Costs:

Fees and Commission Structure

MiFunder’s competitive fee strategy is designed to assist traders from the evaluation phase through to the funded stages:

This thoughtful fee structure aims to maximize trader success without the burden of excessive costs.

Financial Guidelines at MiFunder Prop Firm

No Refund Policy

MiFunder does not provide refunds on challenge fees, reinforcing the commitment required from traders at the outset.

Trial Period Availability

There are no trial periods offered at MiFunder, ensuring all traders begin under the same conditions.

How Often Does MiFunder Prop Firm Pay Traders?

The Good and Bad of MiFunder Prop Firm


  • Unique Financial Engagement Models: Traders value the innovative funding options and the flexibility to reset evaluations.
  • Significant Financial Returns: Frequent reports of substantial payouts demonstrate the firm’s commitment to rewarding successful trading.
  • Robust Trader Support: Positive feedback about the proactive and responsive support staff, especially on digital platforms like Discord.
  • No Commissions in Evaluation: This advantage lets traders maximize their initial earnings.


  • Absence of Refunds and Free Trials: The lack of preliminary trial options or refunds may deter some potential traders looking for a risk-free start.

MiFunder FAQ

Resetting the Funded Phase

Traders can utilize the Funded Phase Reset add-on to return their accounts to a pre-violation state within 12 days of initiating trades, changing to a 50/50 profit split afterward.

Reset Options During Evaluation

The Evaluation Phase Reset add-on allows traders to reset their account up to two times if activated within 10 days of starting their trades, enhancing flexibility in the face of early setbacks.

Restarting Without Reset Perks

Traders who do not succeed in the first phase without a reset perk can restart their evaluation at a reduced cost, showing MiFunder’s adaptability.

Holding Positions Overnight and Over Weekends

MiFunder allows traders the flexibility to hold positions overnight and over weekends, which can help capture market movements outside of standard trading hours and enhance strategy effectiveness.

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