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Multiverse Funding Review

Multiverse Funding is a new prop firm. It was founded in February 2024. It’s registered in the United Kingdom. The owner of Multiverse Funding is Beito Didy Herve, a trader who also goes by the name “Astuce FX”.

Multiverse Funding Review bestfxbrokers

Trading Platforms at Multiverse Funding

At Multiverse Funding there is only one platform available: MT4.

Range of Instruments by Multiverse Funding

Tradable Instrument







Forex Pairs


Payment Methods at Multiverse Funding

Multiverse Funding accepts Bank Transfer & Crypto payment methods. 

Available Account Sizes at Multiverse Funding 

There are six different account sizes available at Multiverse Funding ranging between $5k to $200k.

Profit Split Structure at Multiverse Funding 

The profit split in Multiverse Funding goes up after each withdrawal and it can go up to 100%.

Targeting Profits with Multiverse Funding 

8% is the profit target for the 1-Step challenge. The 2-Step challenge has a profit target of 8% in the first step, and 5% in the second.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Multiverse Funding 

The 1-Step challenge’s maximum overall loss is capped at 8%, and the maximum daily loss is capped at 4%. The 2-step challenge has a maximum overall loss of 10% on all steps and a maximum daily loss of 5% on all steps.

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Multiverse Funding

The time to finish a challenge is unlimited. The 1-Step challenge has a minimum of 3 trading days, and the 2-Step challenge has a minimum of 10 trading days.

Multiverse Funding Challenges

Choose between the 1-Step HFT series or the 2-Step Evaluation. You must manage risk, trade within set parameters, and hit profit targets to qualify for funding. Leverage depends on the program, with regular payouts. Weekend holding is allowed, different styles are also allowed within program rules. After funding, you can get more funds. Inactivity rules may apply, so make sure to stay consistent and follow program guidelines for continued funding.

Pricing for Challenges

1-step/HFT challenges

Account SizePrice

2-step challenges

Account SizePrice

Fees and Commission Structure

There are no fees and commissions at Multiverse Funding.

Refund Conditions at Multiverse Funding

Refunds at Multiverse Funding are not guaranteed. The 1-Step challenge fee refunds are not available. You’re rewarded based on your performance in the funded stage. For the 2-Step challenge without HFT, you’ll get an 80% refund with the first payout.

Free Trials at Multiverse Funding

There are no free trials. 

How Often Does Multiverse Funding Prop Firm Pay Traders?

The first and second payout at Multiverse Funding is done after 21 days. The third and fourth are done after 14 days, and the fifth one after 7 days.

The Good and Bad of Multiverse Funding


  • Six available account sizes
  • Up to 100% profit share
  • Good customer support


  • New prop firm
  • Fake location
  • No free trial

Multiverse Funding FAQ

Is there a minimum amount for withdrawal?

Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 for the 1-Step challenge. The 2-Step master account doesn’t have a minimum amount for withdrawal.

Consistency Rule

The consistency rule applies to the 1-Step (HFT series) challenge. You need to trade 5 days before withdrawing. To find your trading range, calculate your average trade size like:
Total lots traded: 120
Total trades executed: 60
Average lot size= 120/60=2
Bottom of range= Average lot size×0.3
Top of range= Average lot size×1.8
Bottom of range=2×0.3=0.6 Lots
Top of range=2×1.8=3.6 Lots
This example shows that your trades must be between 0.6 and 3.6 lots.

How are payouts processed?

Crypto and Bank Transfer through Wise. If the amount you need to receive is under $500, it will be done via Crypto, and if it’s over $500, it will be done through Wise.

Is weekend holding allowed?

Weekend holding is only available on the 2-Step evaluation.

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