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Clarity Traders Review

Clarity Traders was formed in 2022. It is registered at 8 The Green Suite B, Dover, Delaware 19901 in the United States. Anthony Alvarenga is the owner of Clarity Traders. Some know him by his username: Mamba FX. Clarity Traders costs way less than larger competitors such as FTMO, Fundednex, so let’s check out what they offer exactly.

Clarity Traders Review bestfxbrokers

Trading Platforms at Clarity Traders

You can use Tradelocker and MT5 trading platforms.

Range of Instruments by Clarity Traders

Tradable Instrument

Payment Methods at Clarity Traders

At Clarity Traders, you can pay using Cryptocurrencies and Credit/Debit Cards.

Available Account Sizes at Clarity Traders 

There are seven account sizes to choose from $5k to $300k.

Profit Split Structure at Clarity Traders 

The profit split at Clarity Traders is 90%. You can get 90%, and Clarity Traders keeps the remaining 10%.

Targeting Profits with Clarity Traders 

The profit target for the 1-Phase challenge is 10% for all account sizes. The Traditional 2-Step account has a profit target of 8% in the first step, and 5% in the second. The Accelerated Challenge with the no consistency rule has the same profit target as the 2-step Challenge.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Clarity Traders 

Daily loss limit:

Maximum overall loss limit:

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Clarity Traders

5 trading days is the minimum for The Traditional and Accelerated Challenges. The 1-Phase challenge has a minimum of 1 trading day.

Clarity Traders Challenges

There are three challenge types to choose from at Clarity Traders 1-Phase, 2-Phase, and Accelerated. The consistency rule is applied at 30%, except for the Accelerated challenge.

Trading InstrumentLeverage

Pricing for Challenges

1-Phase Challenge

Account SizeCost

Traditional Challenge

Account SizeCost

Fees and Commission Structure

There is a $7 commission per lot on specific Forex Pairs.

Refund Conditions at Clarity Traders

Refund is available after successfully completing the challenge. 

Free Trials at Clarity Traders

There are no free trials at Clarity Traders. 

How Often Does Clarity Traders Prop Firm Pay Traders?

All payouts are done bi-weekly.

The Good and Bad of Clarity Traders


  • Seven account sizes available
  • Fair profit split
  • Three challenge options
  • Refundable fees
  • Bi-weekly payouts


  • No free trials

Clarity Traders FAQ

What is Clarity Traders?

Clarity Traders is a prop firm that is funding professional traders. They’re offering the opportunity to trade with up to $300k in capital.

Are EA BOTs Allowed?

EA BOTs are not allowed.

How do I purchase a Funded Account Challenge?

After you sign up, you need to log into your dashboard, click “Buy new challenge” or “new Challenge” and choose the account size you want.

Is Identity Verification required?

Yes, to get a funded account after the evaluation phase, you will have to fully verify your account.

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