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Paradise Capital Review

Paradise Capital is a new company founded in January 2024 in the US. They provide traders with up to $1 million to trade with.

Paradise Capital Review bestfxbrokers

Trading Platforms at Paradise Capital

There’s only one trading platform you can use at Paradise Capital and that’s Tradelocker.

Range of Instruments by Paradise Capital

Trading instruments available at Paradise Capital:

Payment Methods at Paradise Capital

The available payment methods are Crypto and Credit and Debit Cards.

Available Account Sizes at Paradise Capital

Express HFT Challenge account sizes:

The Regular Challenge account sizes:

Profit Split Structure at Paradise Capital

You can get up to 95% of the profit split at Paradise Capital.

Targeting Profits with Paradise Capital

The Express HFT challenge has a 0.10% profit target. The regular challenge has a 10% profit target.

Daily Loss and Drawdown Rules at Paradise Capital

All challenges have a 5% daily loss limit. The overall loss limit is a bit different. In the HFT Challenge, you can lose up to 10%, and in the Regular Challenge, it is 12%.

Minimum and Maximum Days for Trading at Paradise Capital

The minimum number of trading days for the Regular Challenge is 1, and for the HFT Challenge it is 5. 

Paradise Capital Challenges

Paradise Capital has two types of challenges available. The Regular Challenge with six account sizes, and the HFT Challenge with 11 account sizes.

Pricing for Challenges

Regular 1-Step Challenge

Account SizePrice

Express HFT 1-Step challenge

Account SizePrice
$1 million$5899

Refund Conditions at Paradise Capital

Fees at Paradise Capital aren’t refundable.

Free Trials at Paradise Capital

There are no free trials.

How Often Does Paradise Capital Prop Firm Pay Traders?

The first payout is paid after 20 days, and after that all withdrawals can be done bi-weekly.

The Good and Bad of Paradise Capital


  • There are no hidden rules
  • There is a wide range of account sizes available
  • Bi-weekly payouts


  • No free trials
  • Fees are not refundable
  • Young prop firm

Paradise Capital Name FAQ

How are payouts processed?

All payouts at Paradise Capital are processed through Bank Wire and Cryptocurrency.

Can I Hold Trades Over The Weekend On These Accounts

Yes, you can hold trades over the weekends.

Are There Any Restrictions To Certain Countries?

In the USA, BlueBerry Markets 4 and 5 aren’t allowed.

Consistency Rule

Trade for at least 5 days before withdrawing. Trades below 0.01 lots or very short trades don’t count.

 No single trade or trade day can make up more than 50% of your total profit.

 Keep your trade sizes within a range based on your average trade size.

If your trades don’t meet the consistency rule and you ask for a payout, it will be denied. Your funded account balance will then be reset.

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